Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Lost Beatle

First, check out the hair on this kid. Impressive huh? I've been having lots of fun styling it while I can. No doubt the day will come when Jordan will be less than enthusiastic about his mommy messing with him. Of course, I'll have the last laugh, knowing what I do about the male pattern baldness genes in this family. But, I digress.

The kid needs to put on some weight. And with that goal in mind, the bulk of our days have been spent plotting how to entice him to eat more, more milk, more solids, etc. Now that Jordan's hitting the bottle exclusively, we're trying to make sure he gets as many ounces of the stuff-that-claims-to-be-as-good-as-the-real-thing. We're also trying to feed him more solids. Therein lies the problem.

Some of you may remember Jordan's fondness for sweet potatoes. Yeah, it was pretty cute for awhile. Those days are over. Little did we know the kid wanted to eat nothing else. Attempts at the other veggies have been pretty disappointing (read - torturous). We've also been carbo loading him like it was 1985. Pasta infused baby-specialities like "spinach and lasagna" (read - green mush), as well as "macaroni and cheese" (read - tumeric colored mush) have not gone over well.

We also thought maybe he might like to fatten up on some grits. Yes, grits. The reason being, he tried them at a diner here once with some maple syrup and was a moment of parental laxness. But we thought we'd try again now because I need to get him to eat more.


I don't know what me think Jordan was a good ole southern boy.

We'll keep working on it.

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