Monday, October 17, 2005

Gracias, Abuela!

The Tivo'd Sesame Street episode we watched Saturday evening was particularly appropriate for this weekend. In it, we found ourselved commiserating with Rosita, who missed having her grandmother nearby. Jordan sympathized. However, he was lucky enough to have his Grandma H right there in the room to share in his sesame adventures.

Grandma H pitched in again this weekend, helping out not only with Jordan's care (and first cold), but also tackling long-delayed home improvement projects on her own - like stripping the wallpaper from our guest room. (Those of you lucky enough to have seen the wallpaper know that those cheerful bus scenes will not be missed.) There is no feat too challenging for Grandma H - even the dreaded task of enticing Jordan with food. As you can see, it takes a grandma's special touch to make mealtime a fun occasion. Maybe one day Jordan will be able to eat a meal without a rendition of "Old MacDonald's Farm." But in the meantime, whatever works to get him to eat is just fine with me.

Call me a sap, but when I walked in Sunday afternoon from grocery shopping, and saw the two of them in the kitchen laughing together, the look on Jordan's face and the fact that Helene got him to eat with such ease, I felt a little teary eyed. Got the old monkey to snap a pic right away, because I wanted to capture the moment of how happy Jordan is around his grandma. Grandmas are pretty special people after all. They make good singing partners, dancing buddies, mealtime companions, nap-time tucker-in-ers, lullaby whisperers, diaper-changers, babysitters, nose-wipers, play time adventurers..and above all, reminders of how important family is.

Thanks again Grandma H for always lending a hand and making my baby smile so bright.
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