Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. What's not to like about a holiday that's centered around collecting (and eating..) lots of candy? This year proves to be especially fun, as I now have a helpless victim to dress up anyway I choose.

Haaaahaa haahaaahaaahaaa!

Just wait till he's old enough for me to actually take him out trick or treating..

Abandon all hope, ye who enter the lair of the great and fierce koala bear.

Although koalas look cute and assured, they are ferocious hunters and shall defend their playmats with tooth and claw! Don't be fooled by their soft grey fur and roly-poly, round little bellies. They are fierce man, fierce..and scary too....grrr...

Like most other overly-scheduled children

Jordan celebrated Halloween with a variety of activities.
On Thursday, we went to a Halloween party. Jordan arrived in full costume...

There were a LOT of kids at the party. That was a little scary at first (for mom too). But it was nice having familiar faces around, like our buddy David...
(pssst..hey kid..what are you crying about? At least you got to be a mammal.)

He was a very comforting little bee. Bees are highly developed social insects. Koalas can get shy in large groups.

Jordan regained his composure after awhile, ditched the costume, and joined in with the other reindeer games...
I think he might have had a little too much fun. I turned my back on him for a second, and next thing I know, he sets up a game of 21 at the play table.

Halloween parties are a lot of fun

..especially if you can actually chew and swallow solid foods. As Jordan was unable to indulge in most of the goods on the buffet, I pitched in and helped consume his share. I'm such a good sport. Other guests also did their part. All things considered, Jordan handled his first Halloween party like a champ.

The festivities continued on Saturday, when we hit the town of Leonia's Halloween parade. Who doesn't love a good parade? And getting to dress up your pride and joy in a furry little outfit is an added bonus. Except of course, when he tries to chew his way out of captivity.

The two monkeys take a break following the parade. Next stop - the town recreation center party. was a madhouse. Picture every child in town jacked up on sugar and let loose in a large gymnasium decorated to induce both fear and overstimulation. That's right, fun times, my times.

I'll get you my furry little koala!

The old monkey introduces Jordan to a fellow primate, and Jordan attempts cross-species communication.

The craziness was enough for our man David. He caught a quick snooze on a safe perch.

That evening, Jordan made a cameo appearance at Michael's annual spooktacular Halloween Party. The old monkey dressed as Napolean Dynamite - a pop cultural reference sure to leave many of the invitees scratching their heads. I went as Pedro...or a pathetically bad attempt at a stereotypical Mexican - depending again on your level of movie knowledge. Flippin' sweet, yo. Jeff promised to work on his dance moves though.

Bright and early on Sunday, we caught a hay ride out to the GREAT PUMPKIN PATCH..

where the little monkey was promptly hailed as a king by the little pumpkins who gathered at his feet in tribute.

Hurray for the monkey!

SCORE!! Jordan lands a sweet orange specimen.

The old monkey and furball prepare for some serious carving. Oscar howls and bares his fangs in anticipation of pumpkin massacre.

BOO!! The final product! Happy Halloween everyone.
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