Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The monkey on the bus goes ooh ooh ooh..all through the town.

And in this picture, you can see the myriad ways in which I am a bad parent...crib full of stuffed animals presenting potential suffocation hazard, blanket draped around child (ditto), stinky diaper pail too close to crib (presenting unappealing smelliness as child drifts off to sleep..) Ah well, we try. But I did manage to get a good picture of the little guy as he sleeps.

The biopsy this morning went ok, as far as procedure. We got Jordan in on time, he tolerated the anesthesia well, woke up without too much delay, and doesn't appear to be suffering any effects right now. It took a long time, in part due to some "computer glitches." Those were the hospital team's words. Tip - don't use the word "glitch" of any kind around nervous parents anxiously awaiting news about the 8 month old baby whom they have turned over to your precious care to perform a heart biopsy. No one wants to hear the word glitch in those circumstances. Probably any circumstances that involve being in a hospital, for that matter.

And here's another mental note to myself. Next time, decline the invitation to actually be present while they put your child under anesthesia. Watching that little episode was a big freaking mistake. There is nothing endearing or calming or comforting about watching someone put a gas mask over the face of your child, or the panic striken look of horror that comes over him as he fights to get it off. They said it gets easier as they get older. More words of wisdom to hold on to for future reference.
But, unlike his nervous and high strung mother, Jordan is a trooper, and even managed to give the nurses some smiles and "daa-daa" sounds when he was sufficiently awake. We'll get the actual results of the biopsy tomorrow, at which point I will finally be able to take a deep breath and relax. At least until the next time.

On an unrelated note, Happy Anniversary, to my first Monkey - you're the best husband, father and friend I could ever hope to know. Your strength, humor and courage inspire me every day to be the best mother I possibly can be to our son.

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