Monday, October 10, 2005

the weekend update

Could it be that the little guy just wants to eat what
we eat? Is it really that simple? Maybe. In an attempt to think outside the box, I decided to let Jordan try eating what I was eating for lunch today. He was watching me so closely as I ate, it seemed like a logical thing to try. And I felt a little adventurous, after reading some headlines. Thanks for the tip, Nataliya.

Today's lunch? A nice hearty lentil soup..fat free, unfortunately..but some of us aren't blessed with Jordan's trim waistline. I wish I could say the soup was as lovely as the picture you see above. But, pressed for time, I went the easy route, and chose this one.

And he liked it.

In other news, thanks to Grandma H and Michael for babysitting the little guy and giving me and the old monkey a chance to get out. Props to Grandma H for the very cool anniversary present. The show was awesome!

Summer seems to officially be over, judging from the grey curtain that has draped itself over everything outdoors. But, looking on the bright side, I got to dress up Jordan in a very cheery yellow slicker. How often can I do that? Here Jordan does his best Gene Simmons impersonation.


I forgot I have a thing for yellow rain Oscar found out way back when..
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