Monday, November 28, 2005

Elmo's Revenge

In hindsight, I guess I should have known better than to leave the two of them together unsupervised. But we were hungry, the little monkey seemed well rested, and in a rare moment of spontaneity we decided to go out for dinner. My mind was elsewhere, as I scrambled to pack the diaper bag with every manner of distraction necessary to ensure that the little monkey could appear in public. Since the great Big Apple Circus meltdown, I have been wary of taking him out at night. But I reasoned, if I brought along toys, food, teething rings, binkies, books, food and bottles - it should be ok. What's the worst that could happen? A meltdown? Some dirty looks? Ehh - piece of cake.

So, we headed out - braving the trek across the bridge and into Manhattan. Once there, we joined the crowds of upper west side diners - all out in search of a good meal that didn't require cooking on their own. We arrived at our restaurant of choice, after finding a parking spot nearby (yes!). All good so far. We declined the first table they seated us at (smack in the center of the dining room - are you nuts??? With a monkey in tow???) and opted for a more discreet and quiet two top in the back corner. The only close dining guests in that neck of the woods were a middle aged couple who appeared to be on a date. I swear the woman looked over at me with my baby and gear in tow and breathed a sigh of relief to herself.

As the meal progressed, I realized that my fears of monkey madness were unfounded. The little one behaved well, all things considered. He happily chewed on some bread, ate some puffs, played with his toys, read his book, and even took his evening meds without too much commotion. A few whiny-butt noises here and there, but nothing like the infamous Big Apple Circus meltdown. Dang, I thought, as I happily ate my ravioli, this isn't too bad. Heck, we should take him out to eat more often. All in all, it was an excellent restaurant experience. Nothing like the circumstances giving rise to articles like this one.

But then we got home.

And I came upon this ...

Elmo stands victorious over the fallen body of his foe. I should have known it was only a matter of time. Oh Elmo..what have you done?
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