Friday, November 25, 2005

Let the Gluttony Commence

Parenthood adds a new perspective on Thanksgiving - especially when your baby almost didn't make it home. We have a lot to be thankful for this year in particular. This holiday is when we gather as a family to celebrate the blessings we have received in life. We as a family have been blessed, and for that I am truly grateful. Most of you reading this already know Jordan's story, and can appreciate the second chance we've been given.

On a lighter note - Thanksgiving is also a holiday centered around the consumption of food. A lot of food. We did our part and, with some help, prepared a lavish spread. Props to Grandma H and Michael for taking on the bulk of the holiday meal planning.

The little monkey hollers for his dinner. Bring on the turkey!

On the menu: Alton Brown's famous turkey, Bon Appetit's cranberry and chestnut stuffing, cornbread, creamed spinach, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato and squash bake, gravy, cranberry sauce, and spinach salad with spicy pecans. The old monkey was able to cram almost all of it onto one plate.

An appetizer before the main course - fresh monkey cheeks.

And in yet another time honored tradition, the two monkeys settle into the couch, post meal, for some serious digesting time. The little monkey won control over the remote, and opted for some Baby Beethoven before bedtime. The old monkey looks on, envious of the soft blue snowman pajamas that so few people can really wear well.
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