Friday, November 11, 2005

A little of this..a little of that.

On the topic of food, the little monkey continues to express his disapproval for all manner of baby food in a jar. This is getting tired already. I thought I discovered something great when I realized he was happy to taste whatever I was eating..but it isn't always feasible to scoop a baby-sized portion of whatever I'm eating onto his high chair tray. (You'll notice I said high chair tray, as opposed to a regular bowl or plate. We don't do the bowl thing since those objects clearly register as toys - THAT MUST BE FLIPPED OVER IMMEDIATELY!!) So, my monkey child sits there in his high chair, eating his bits and pieces off a plastic tray, like an animal, or inmate in some penitentiary. Clearly no mommy of the year awards are in my future this round.

Apart from the logistics, a lot of the food we're eating doesn't seem appropriate for a baby (ok, ok, I let him sample spinach curry, chili, and various soups..and he's none the worse for wear..but I have to draw the line somewhere.)

I'm just waiting for him to sprout all the other teeth hiding in his head, so he can chew like a full size human, and just eat normal food like the rest of the family...(Oscar included, as he also prefers human food to the slop that comes in a container.) Meanwhile, Gerber, Earth's Best, and Cheerios are the beneficiaries of my economic patronage as I continue in vain to teach this child that not all food comes from a bottle...or breast either, I guess...since that was his original grocery store.

So..this week, we've tried egg yolk (ok..some interest there), Gerber "puffs" (almost choked to death..oops.), steamed green beans, smashed to bits (again, some interest), lots of various fruits cut up and put into a feeder bag (loves this, keeps him quiet, and requires minimal hovering on my part, persimmon (LOVED this one!! And at $1.99 a pop and a week and half to ripen, he better) well as the usual staples - cheerios, soy yogurt, sweet potatoes...God, I am boring myself with this.

Shifting gears - I'm pleased to report the little monkey takes after me in his love of books. On Thursday, we hit Barnes & Noble for 11:00 am "storytime." Of course, monkey was the youngest one there, and probably had the shortest attention span (not counting the hyped up little hellions running around hitting each other)..but overall, I think he had fun. I took him out of his stroller long enough to play in the aisles, pull himself up onto the bookshelves, and pull down as many brightly colored books as he could without creating too much of a scene. (Interesting to see what kind of books they stock on the kiddies' eye level.) The monkey made off with an Elmo interactive selection, and I finally got myself a copy of The Kite Runner. It's only been a year or so since I've tried to read this thing.

By the way..if you're going to be a story teller to a roomful of little tykes, it helps to have at least some marginal ability to convey emotion. Oddly enough, the little ones don't seem to like being read to in monotone, nor do they like it when you prevent them from seeing the pictures. It also helps to pick some books with words you can pronounce. Just my opinion. Of course, if you're reading to a roomful of monkeys of Jordan's age, it probably doesn't matter what book you read, as long as you make funny faces. Whatever.
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