Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mid Week update

It's been a relatively uneventful week. A few outings for the monkey gave me a chance to play dress up with him again. On top, we have little monkey dressed for a playground outing. What goes better with dirt and baby swings than a nice furry caramel vest, green plaid flannel and beige courdroys? Obviously, the monkey goes nowhere without his hair perfectly coiffed - hence, the little spikey flip on top. The following day, we shifted gears and transitioned into a more preppy ensemble - denim button down, argyle sweater vest, dark denim jacket and khakis. We chose a more conservative 'do - one the old monkey likes to call "the John Roberts look." It seemed appropriate for breakfast playdate at Panera, followed by music class.

For comparative purposes only. I don't know whether to laugh or be scared.

(And please, spare me the political comments. The little monkey will be safe on my watch.)

On an unrelated note - I honestly wonder whether parents in the past made the effort to force social interaction on their kids the way we do now. The little monkey's days are filled with activities, outings, classes, lunches, playground adventures. But I can't say for sure whether he's getting much out of these events. He generally ignores the other kids, except to scout for abandoned toys that catch his interest. Then it's a mad dash to grab the toy and stuff it into his mouth before I can intervene. Since he began crawling, the activities have taken on a whole new dimension. Much less chatty hanging out time for me, and more toddling around after the monkey to make sure he doesn't get into mischief. We'll see what happens when he starts walking.
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