Monday, December 26, 2005

The holiday train show

Ever since I moved to NYC, I've been meaning to go see the New York Botanical Garden's annual holiday train show. And every year, I never got around to it. This year, we finally made it.. now that we're living in Jersey, just a hop, skip and a jump over the GW bridge. All I needed was a good excuse - and what better excuse than your kid? "Hey, let's take Jordan to see the train show, he'll LOVE it!" Thanks, little monkey!

The show features 100 historic NYC landmarks, made entirely of plants, trees, and flowers (yeah I know, sounds lame..but it was totally worth the wait in line..even with a screaming monkey).

All right, I admit it, I got a kick out of seeing the trains whiz by the displays.

We interrupt this blog moment for hugs and cuddles.

The little monkey peers in for a closer look. Most of the displays were set conveniently at little monkey eye level.

NYC's famous bridges tower over us in the background.

The little monkey is amazed by the sights and sounds inside the conservatory. I was amazed the little monkey handled the NYC crowds as well as he did.

Bet you didn't realize trains were this funny.

kickin back at Rocco's pizza in da Bronx for an authentic NY slice...the little monkey is worn out after his big adventure. The monkey's fake Robeez (fo-beez!) show some signs of wear too.
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