Thursday, January 26, 2006

And you thought Paris Hilton liked to party.

Round two of the little monkey's birthday celebration continued today as we joined the staff at NY-Presbyterian for a lunch in honor of the one-year anniversary of Jordan's heart transplant. A year ago tonight Jordan had his re-birth, so to speak.

On hand to help capture the festivities were various media and press reporters, because after all, it's not a party unless there are some serious cameras in your face and you get it written up in the paper. We haven't made it to Page 6 yet, but we're working on it. And we'll see what the broadcasts look like tonight on the local news channels. Amazingly, the monkey handles all this attention like a seasoned celebrity. It's mom and dad that seem to crack under pressure. Between the old monkey's breaking into a flop sweat at the sight of a camera light, and my tongue-tied inability to string two words together in a sentence, it's surprising the little guy gets as much press as he does. Hopefully he won't look back at our media attention in utter embarrassment. But then again, what kid doesn't look back at their parents antics with utter embarrassment? Might as well give him something to be embarrassed about. At least we've managed to avoid the Springer-style talk show circuit...for now.

If Oprah comes calling however, look out. I am so there.
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