Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Baby #2 Update

Hard to believe, but sometimes I actually forget I'm pregnant...again.
And then of course I look down and see this bulge growing where my stomach used to be. And then I feel a wave of nausea, which I attribute to baby #2 - not the bulge. Although at this point, they are one and the same. This time around feels radically different than the first time. I feel a lot more tired, a lot more sick, and there are a lot of inexplicable aches and pains. Some helpful folks have suggested that this means I am having a girl..because of course, who else but a girl baby would cause such discomfort. Close mother-daughter relations begin early, I suppose..

Today, we had a ob/gyn checkup, which for the uninitiated means a chance to pee in a cup, get poked and prodded, weighed (hurray! And with jeans on no less!) have blood drawn, and get asked a lot of personal questions. Both old and new monkey came along for the visit. The little monkey had fun trying to walk around in the waiting room, and got a front row seat to listen in as the nurse practitioner gave us a chance to listen to baby-to-be's heart beat. The little monkey actually paused for a second, while drinking his milk, to listen to the sound that filled the room. That was fun. Then the monkey had a melt down and we had to wrap things up quickly.

More tests to follow, including early trimester fetal screening. Although the little monkey's doctors assure us that what happened with him was a freak and random occurance, it's hard to stay as calm as I'd like. But we'll try. Everything looks good so far. In the meantime, I'm just going to keep running around after the little monkey, who seems determined to learn how to walk.
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