Sunday, January 08, 2006

Celebration time!

Being in a hospital is never fun. And it's especially not fun when the patient in question is your brand-new, teeny tiny baby. As awful as it was a year ago, when we were in the hospital with Jordan, one of the bright spots in the situation was getting to meet other parents. One couple really stood out, Vinny and Patty, and their baby girl Mallory - who turned one year old recently. Yesterday, we were lucky enough to be able to attend her very special birthday party. Looking at Mallory, you would never be able to tell all that she has gone through. Maybe that's the true blessing - seeing her as just another normal, happy, healthy little girl.

The birthday girl looked very sweet in her soft pink dress with matching fur trim.

The little monkey scans the surroundings, biding his time before throwing down his sweet dance moves. I was really thrilled to see that those endless mind-numbing hours of music class had paid off.

A special guest appearance by your friend and mine - Elmo.

The partying wore out the little monkey, who crashed on the couch immediately after we got home. I don't know what Oscar's excuse was, but he made himself comfortable too.
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