Friday, January 06, 2006

Clinic report

This morning's clinic is finally over, and overall, it went much better than usual. I guess the way to approach these things is to go in there expecting the worst. And that way, nothing will come as a shock.

Jordan weighed in at 18 pounds, and 28 3/4 inches. That was a gain of a pound and an inch growth since last check in. He had an EKG, an echocardiogram, a timed blood draw, and a doctor exam. Overall, he handled everything like a champ. The echo, which I've found is usually the hardest to deal with (because it's a little long, the probe is a little cold, the table is uncomfortable, and the room is always a little chilly..) wasn't too bad. Jordan actually remained relatively quiet throughout. The technician did her best to frighten the little monkey with her shrill singing, but thankfully, cartoons (what the heck were those things?? Doodlebops?? More like Freaks. Complete freaks. This is what kids watch these days???) were on the television set. That was enough of a distraction to keep monkey calm. Of course when the cathode stickers were ripped off, all hell broke loose..but what are you gonna do? I liken the experience to the joys of waxing, but obviously the little monkey can't appreciate that I feel his pain.

While we were waiting in the waiting area, we endured a good half hour of another youngster struggling with his echo. His screams formed a steady background muzak that was hard to ignore. Jordan's response was original, if disturbing. He actually burst out laughing at one point, which we thought was rather smug and in bad form. As we reminded him, it wasn't that long ago that he was screaming like a banshee as well. About 5 minutes earlier, as a matter of fact.

The little monkey's increased mobility makes for some fun times in the waiting area. He occupied himself with much crawling, ball chasing, and mingling with other youngsters waiting for their procedures. We met two little ones almost the same age. Both seemed happy and thriving, and were attached to the hands of their parents, who were also helping them take their first steps.

The wait to see the doctor was worth it for her reassuring announcement. After reviewing the echo results, she said if it weren't for the sticker on the chart, identifying Jordan as a heart transplant patient, the results were like those of a normal, healthy heart. That is seriously happy news, as always. Next week, we have the "annual" exam, which consists of an even more extensive biopsy than usual as well as a thorough work up to assess how the little monkey is handling his heart.

Stay tuned.

The little monkey is determined..

the climb great heights. Or these least.
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