Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Global Warming makes for good bubble time

Ok, I know I should not make light of global warming. I know there's a hole in the ozone layer. I know the polar ice caps are melting. But despite knowing all these things, can I just say how psyched I was by the gorgeously warm weather yesterday? Expressing joy at the unnaturally balmy day will doom me to lectures galore from the tree-hugging contingent of my family, but I confess - I love this weather. Freaky warm days in January must be enjoyed. Without spending too much time dwelling on why the temperature hit over 60 degrees on Monday, the monkey and I chose to take advantage. We hit the deck with the furball and blew bubbles. Ok, I did the labor intensive part, and the monkey chased after them. No doubt, the toxic chemicals found in the bubble soap will necessitate an environmental impact statement as well, but I will file that under my growing list of things to worry about later.

The monkey's keen powers of observation at work.

Right... there they are. The chase is on.

The warm weather confuses Oscar, who is hit with spring fever. Love blooms.
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