Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year - it ain't nothin but a party, yo!

This New Year's Eve was a remarkably low-key and relaxing one. Exactly what we needed. First, a trip out to visit the little monkey's Uncle Alessandro in Long Island..(cheecho!) Massive amounts of food were consumed. Even the little monkey did his share. Upon returning to Jersey, we managed to stuff ourselves yet again over a special dinner. Grandma H and Michael prepared roast lamb, latkes, and pumpkin pie. And then Jeff and I teamed up to roundly defeat them at a cutthroat game of trivial pursuit.

Look out people, we're gettin' crazy now.

No amount of coaxing could convince the little monkey to actually look AT the camera. Little monkey has a long way to go before rivaling his uncle's sneaker collection... but we'll work on it.

For 2006, the little monkey has resolved to really try and listen better... be more in touch with his feelings.. develop better eating habits.

Happy New Year!
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