Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sugar and spice and everything nice...

Baby #2 update

The verdict's in. According to today's ultrasound, baby number 2 is officially a girl. I can now refer to "it" as "her.." or "she" as the case may be.

Her first milestone.

Of course, the doctor wasn't 100% certain. It's still pretty early, and the baby wasn't being very cooperative for the camera. But he seemed fairly sure...80% sure to be exact... that this one is a girl. I can now safely dispose of all those infant clothes of little monkey's that I was holding onto - just in case.

I watched the ultrasound pictures while on the screen during the exam, and I had no idea what that thing (it's a she!) in there was. Vaguely resembling a baby-like object, it could have been anything. Guessing the gender was totally beyond me.

Now that we know...err..80% or so... I can plan. Ahhh...
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