Thursday, February 16, 2006

Crate training

All right, enough with the sappy posts. I don't know what everyone's getting all teary-eyed for. On to a new topic.

Once upon a time, we aquired a young pup whom we named, "Oscar." Being good and conscientious parents, we did our best to bring him up right. Included in this was the not so fun task of housebreaking. All the required reading for new dog owners pointed us in the direction of using a crate to achieve this purpose. Crate training was heralded by all the professionals as the fastest and most efficient way of house breaking a dog, because it took advantage of a dog's natural tendency to avoid eliminating in his den. To the dog's mind, the crate took on the qualities of a den.

So, Oscar was crated during the day, for set periods of time, and did quickly learn to eliminate outside only. For the most part. Once upon a time, Oscar also used to sleep in his crate at night, but those days seem to be long gone. Those of you who know Oscar personally can probably attest to the strengths and weaknesses of his crate training as well as his other skills ... or lack thereof.

Since that time, Oscar has pretty much forgotten about his crate as a den. He sleeps with us now, and has no interest whatsoever in leaving the marital bed. The crate sits there neglected and forlorn. So, you can imagine my pleasure and surprise when I looked up from the computer today and saw this:

I swear I did not stage these pictures. The monkey crawled into the crate and sat there. He also could not seem to figure out how to crawl out, which made me pause for a minute to consider the possibilities. But common sense prevailed.

In other news, preliminary blood tests are back, and all seems ok so far. The doctor also diagnosed a mild ear infection, probably a result of the lingering cold. So, a round of antibiotics should hopefully do the trick.
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