Friday, March 10, 2006

Feeding Frenzy

Here we go again. Since the monkey has lost a lot of weight, it's back to obsessing over his diet. With his pediatrician's blessing, we are slowly moving past the restricted B.R.A.T diet (Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, for those of you sans children). Here the monkey discovers the wonder known as pediasure. Much like a thinned out version of a vanilla milkshake, and just as sweet - the monkey finally finds something to tempt him in that sippy cup.

The good news is that the monkey has suddenly discovered his appetite. He hasn't been this ravenous since he was on steroids. It's all finger-licking good these days.

On today's lunch menu, we have grilled cheese sandwich on 110 calorie per slice "hearty" bread (fatty bread to you and me), pediasure and a bowl of homemade poached pear puree, also known as "mush." Dress is casual, Dora the Explorer bibs are optional.

A satisfied customer.
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