Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Paging Howard Hughes..

There's nothing like battling a nasty gastrointestinal virus to make you re-evaluate your already obsessive-compulsive habits.

Day 14 and counting, and the monkey continues to display lingering effects of what we are assuming is a rotavirus infection. Yuck, and more yuck. For any of you out there looking for a quick fix, weight loss solution, this virus really does seem to do the trick. Monkey has lost significant weight (for him, anyway) The good news is that he seems to be recovering, eating well again, and not barfing everything back up. The bad news is that it may take his insides some time to recover, which means a few more weeks of .... yuck.

Now, we're not entirely sure where Monkey picked this bug up. I'm inclined to think it was at one of our outings, but regardless, we have been sternly advised to clean everything thoroughly to avoid contracting the bug ourselves. Being a handwashing fanatic to begin with, this whole episode has left me more paranoid, as though that were possible. Short of encapsulating monkey in a bubble (there's a good song title), I'm not sure what to do. I've been running around after him with mini bottles of purell ($0.99 at Target, yay!), Chlorox wipe containers are in every corner of the house, his playroom reeeks of disinfectant, and both his hands and mine are raw from the abuse. We haven't reached the stage where we are torching the monkey's clothes, but who knows, maybe Howard had it right.

Kids catching bugs is to be expected. It's a natural rite of passage. But when you have an immune-suppressed monkey, it's a fine line between being a casual, go-play-in-the-mud kind of mom, verses the bacillophobe I am rapidly becoming. We'll get this right eventually. In the meantime, bring on the Lysol.
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