Friday, March 03, 2006

Profiles in utero

Going back awhile, does anyone remember when Rachel, from "Friends" was pregnant and in the ob's office getting her ultrasound? As the doctor scanned her, and showed her the screen, she mumbled affirmatively and pretended to actually recognize the human/baby body parts on display? Well, that was me today. And I really have no excuse, considering I've been through this already.

Here's a shot of baby-on-the-way, at 20 weeks.

Can I just add, that the most puzzling moment of the day, apart from playing "I Spy" with the ultrasound screen, was trying to fill in the paperwork before the exam. On the medical history page, I was confronted with the following question:

"Is there anything that concerns you about this pregnancy?"

Followed by a line and a half in which to fill in my answer.

As tempting as it was to just write in monkey's blog address, I just left it blank.

Where do I even begin.
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