Friday, March 24, 2006

shameless plug

Grandma H has come across an interesting contest run by Kodakgallery (formally Ofoto). In it, you can submit a family photo, with accompanying story, for a chance to win $25,000. The monkey's story is a pretty good one, and who knows, maybe it has a chance to win. People can vote for their favorites, so here I am, shamelessly promoting my first-born son's story in a brazen attempt to win his grandma some money.

Once again, stand back people, that mother of the year award is within my grasp.

There is a word limit of 250, so the entry was super short and left out a LOT of the details...enough excuses. This is what we submitted:

"Welcoming a new baby to the family is a joyous occasion. For my family it was even more. It became a life-saving mission. My grandson Jordan was born with an undiagnosed tumor in his heart and required a transplant. His chances of finding a heart in time were poor. We had seven days to find one as he lay on life support. The news devastated our family.

However, the family in this picture is made up of strong individuals who made it their mission to publicize his story. They hoped to bring awareness to his need for a donation. Or maybe if Jordan could not be saved, someone else might. Everyone did what they could - calling local television stations, emailing media contacts, sending out messages for others to do the same, stopping by the hospital with a warm meal for the weary parents, and getting them a room in the hospital so they could be near their son.

Jordan's story attracted local media and eventually, national broadcasts. On his fifth day of life support, a heart became available. Jordan’s operation was a success. He recently celebrated his one-year birthday, and is a happy, healthy toddler. We will be forever grateful to the family that made their baby's heart available; but we will also never forget the courage our family members displayed in our time of need. They are heroes whose actions exemplify the true meaning of family."

You can access the photo gallery contest here And for a quick link to the picture, you can use the email prompt BikerH at aol dot com. So, help a grandma out and vote. Monkey may even get some cool toys out of this.
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