Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Maybe I do watch too much television

Now that we know monkey-on-the way (the monkette, monkita?) is healthy, and everything looks good, I can relax and go back to our regularly scheduled programming. For me that usually means Gilmore Girls (hurray new episode last night!) American Idol (shut up, Paula! Shut up!!), Prison Break (ahh...Wentworth), The Office (you will eat my cookie, cookie!) , and Scrubs (which, BTW, had a Gilmore Girls shout out last night as well.)

Was seriously disappointed though with GG. You know it's bad when the only plot line on the episode that interests you is the one involving Mrs. Kim, Lane, and Zack. The true star of the evening for me was the vintage Pan Am Stewardess Bag that Rory bought at Anna's store as a present for Lorelai. Ebay is selling something similar.


This one looks in slightly better condition.

You can bid for them here. And by the way, just when you start to wonder if your hobby seems a little quirky, check out this guy.

Scrubs was hysterical, though I did momentarily cringe when one of the patients brought in needed a liver transplant. I wasn't sure if I had the stomach to handle transplant patient jokes, but surprisingly, they didn't go there. Best line of the night for me, Turk to J.D:

"Tell him he can kiss my big, black ass. Bet you wish you could say that, huh?"

And finally, for an in-depth interview with the flavor of the month, Wentworth Miller, aka Michael, from Prison Break, check out this site. What cracks me up is his references to growing up, "on the streets of Brooklyn," and life during high school. For those of you who don't know, old monkey went to high school with this guy, and I am always prodding him for details of his life pre-prison break. I have a feeling that the hallowed halls of Poly Prep Country Day School in no way resemble the mean streets of Brooklyn the way Wentworth describes it. And how bad could it really be your parents felt comfortable enough with your future social circle to name you Wentworth, for God's sake?

Thank God the monkey goes to bed early.
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