Monday, April 03, 2006

On Pink

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There is pink for men. There is pink for rockers. There's even pink for celebrity gossip fiends. But nothing, and I mean nothing beats pink for baby girls. I was reminded of this during a baby shower this weekend for another mom-to-be. She got a lot of very cool little outfits; and I made a mental shopping list that kept me happily occupied in my own mind for the rest of the weekend.

Dressing the monkey is fun, and I've been impressed by the various cute little outfits that are available for the male persuasion. But girl shopping is a whole other league. I suppose there is a fine line between teaching your daughter to embrace her femininity verses becoming too girly-girl. Just as there is a balance to achieve later in life between looking glam verses looking like this. God, please shoot me dead before my daughter ever tries to dress like that. Of course, if old monkey's threats are to be believed, our daughter will never leave the house, or if she does, she will be fashionably attired in something like this.

I tend to be of the school that thinks little girls should dress like little girls, and not like little porn stars. Likewise, I also harbor a certain disdain for women who try to dress like their teenage daughters. Although Amy Poehler did a pretty funny job of parodying it in Mean Girls.

I still can't believe we're having a girl. Today, we will get a closer look at her heart during a fetal echocardiogram. After monkey's experience, I guess our doctors are taking no chances. It's hard to believe something like that could remotely happen again, but I'll be relieved when the exam is over and she's gotten a clean bill of health.

Till then, I've held off on the shopping, mainly because I harbor irrational superstitions and fear courting the evil eye or tempting fate. But I have to say, it's getting pretty hard to resist the siren call of Baby Gap, Janie & Jack, and Hanna Anderson. And all those spring/summer dresses!
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