Monday, April 17, 2006

Pink and green and yellow and leave your flour at the door.

This past week saw the monkey embracing the rich traditions of two of the major religious faiths. Embracing, of course, can mean many things. For the monkey, it was an opportunity to hang out with friends, extended family and eat a lot of different types of food. Since giving up his bottle, monkey has been expanding his culinary tastes to include all sorts of cuisines. This works just fine for me, especially since it involved no cooking on my part.

On Saturday, he partook in one of the speediest Seders in recorded history. There, while others broke matzoh together, the monkey snuck in his buttered croissants and mac & cheese. Props to cousin Cindy for introducing me to the fastest-instant-easy-mac-and-cheese in the world, ever! Monkey got into the spirit of the occasion and tried some tzimmes, coconut macaroons, and applesauce. Yay, a well-rounded meal!

In other parts of the city, urbanites donned their finest and held up traffic yet again. NYC is the capital of parades, after all. For some nice fashion shots of the Easter parade, see here. Monkey's outfits were chosen with a nod towards practicality however - plastic bibs, machine washable pants, and lots of layers to adjust for varied climate zones.

Monkey was fortunate enough to be invited to share in an extravagent Easter feast at the home of his good friend, Grace. He even had his own place setting at the table.

These guys weren't kidding around. There was food enough to satisfy appetites of all ages.

In between courses, we took a break and got outside. There, monkey swung in the breeze...

Played in the sand ...

And interacted with native wildlife.

There was even a well designed Easter Egg "Hunt," with eggs strategically located for little, visually-challenged people to find.

Some of the older kids explained the concept of gathering the eggs into the basket.

Others managed to figure it out on their own.

Exhausted with the playground interlude, the monkeys head back for dessert. Bring on the sweets!

The monkey left the table - a satisfied man.

It was a great weekend. Thanks to both the Sperlings and Perkins' for hosting such excellent holiday meals.
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