Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fight the power

It's not even noon and I am seriously beat down today. Long night, no sleep, monkette trying to make her escape via kicking her way out, doctor appointment at the crack of dawn, etc. Later, as I stood there in the park, swinging the monkey mindlessly back and forth, I could barely contain my yawns. It already felt like a LONG day. Running around after him, playing hide and seek behind the slides was fun and a quick pick me up, but the hour was growing late, and naptime was calling.

And then I got home and checked my email. Friends who are currently travelling the globe wrote and updated me on the progess of their trip. They are deep in the midst of exploring China, where, I was informed, my website is officially banned. The rules of internet censorship in China are a little hazy and random, so I'm not 100% certain why this site is banned. The speculation is that it may have something to do with China's official one-child policy. There you have it. My ramblings have officially been stopped by the Great Firewall of China. Apparently, this site's content falls into the same subversive category as those operated by the Falun Gong, and the BBC News.

Bet the monkey doesn't realize his mom is such a bad a$$.
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