Thursday, May 18, 2006

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

I like walking. Even in my current Blimpie proportions, I still like being outside, in the fresh air, moving. It's the one form of "exercise" I still do. Sometimes, I suspect, I'm doing more waddling than anything else. But I ignore that sneaking suspicion and soldier on. I'm hoping the monkey will share my fondness for this activity, as I am counting on it to help shed the baby weight after monkette is born.

Often, our walks will include the furball. Here, monkey learns how to help Oscar into his leash.

A few practice rounds in the safety of the living room, and we're good to go.

Although Oscar looks grumpy at the prospect of being steered by the monkey, his basic good nature wins out in the end. Here, he takes a rest after a lap around the track.

Walking with the monkey and the furball, while pushing a stroller and waddling around 7 months pregnant gets me my share of looks. I also get comments. Inevitably some genius feels the need to remind me that I "sure have my hands full!" Yes, thanks. If you really want to see some maneuvering, wait till Oscar squats down to take a poo.

I also get the "oh so cute" variety of comments - as in "oh, your baby is so cute," or "Oh your dog is so cute!" Sometimes, I amuse myself by mentally tallying who's winning the cuteness competition that day. I have yet to get a comment along the lines of "Oh - you're pregnant - you're so cute!" Although, come to think of it..that would probably just freak me out.
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