Friday, May 26, 2006

Summer fashion musts

Hawaiian shirt ... check.
Cargo shorts ... check.
Baby gap summer sandals .... check.

Putting your child to work cleaning up the backyard slide ...

Today, the monkey had his 16 month well-baby check up with the pediatrician. Of all the doctors on monkey's rolodex, there's something about the pediatrician that I just love most of all. I can't quite put my finger on it .. maybe it's his choice of kid-friendly ties, the way he gets the monkey to smile and laugh, maybe because I know his wife is expecting their second child the same week I am, or maybe it's just because I love the sound of "well-baby" visits. At any rate, Monkey and I went in today, he got a shot, weighed, measured, and pronounced healthy and developmentally on track.

Of course, no visit is complete without giving me something to worry about. So out came those baby charts again, and we discussed how the monkey seems to be on the short and skinny side right now. What this means long-term is up in the air, because it's too early to worry about right now. While Monkey will probably never play "Ball!" with the NBA, I'd like to know that he's at least growing. He's still on the charts for growth, just on the very low end of the curve.

Then we discussed more fun stuff, like what Monkey is "up to these days." Climbing things? Oh yes. Copying you? Yep. Trying to "help"? Yep. Repeating words? Yep. Eating well? Err...when he's in the mood.

But on the subject of words, for my own amusement, earlier this month, I jotted down a list of words that Monkey routinely uses these days. I did this to take my mind off the fact that Monkey was sitting next to me in his high chair throwing his food around on the floor, while Oscar hovered nearby, always ready to clean up.

Here, in no particular order, are the words currently in Monkey's vocabulary:
juice (pronounced dooce)
baba (meaning his milk)
mum (which could either be me or his stuffed cow)
moo (definitely his cow)
"what's that?" (pronounced ah - dat?)
nay (as in what sound does the horse make?)
balloon (pronounced ba-oon)
ta da!
'ights (as in lights)

and most recently today - "cots", meaning apricots.

Given this extensive list, you can imagine what stimulating conversations we have daily.
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