Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Summertime and the livin' is easy.

So, Memorial Day approaches and hence the unofficial start to the summer. Am I the only one out there not doing something fun this weekend? I think I've reached a serious level of pathetic-ness when all I have to look forward to is the opening of the town pool so I can drag monkey to yet another activity. I'm hoping the baby swim classes will be offered at a good time, and I can convince him to join in the aqua-baby fun.

In anticipation of this, I have been experimenting with Monkey's bath again. Monkey is one of these strange children who has gone from loving his bath, to recoiling in terror at the sight of the tub, to going back to loving it after some serious psychological de-sensitizing techniques I subjected him to a few months ago. I knew those Psych 101-105 classes in college would come in handy. Heck, I should join the team at CTU, they need some good psych people on staff. Jack's torture techniques could use some work.

These days Monkey can't get enough bath time, which is fine with me as his increased mobility means more baby grime.

So, in the tub, I've been getting him to try a backfloat. Panic ensued as the Monkey's eyes widened in horror at the experience of flotation. We've played splish splash games. Naturally, he loves that - anything that results in mommy looking like a bigger mess is always fun. And of course, toys in the tub, floaties and plastic animals that spew water from their mouths always make him smile.

Wait till he sees the swim wear apparel I have in store for him. I figure if I can distract people with cute baby in swimwear, they'll be less inclined to notice the preggo whale waddling around in her Old Navy maternity bathing body bag.
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