Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday morning update

This is the first time I've updated this blog from a site other than home. I wish I could say we're all relaxing on a beach somewhere, but unfortunately, we're in the hospital. Little monkey has been sick since last Tuesday night. It started with a high fever, and it's been up and down since then. On Friday, we went in for some tests on his heart that came back fine. But by Saturday, when it became clear he wasn't eating or drinking, it was time to go to the hospital.

So, we've been here with him since Saturday afternoon. He's been hooked up to an IV getting hydration and antibiotics. He's still not eating or drinking much on his own, although he riles himself up on occasion for a sip of milk or a taste of his favorite maple-syrup loaded pancakes.

The cardiology team thinks that this is a viral infection of some sort that needs to run its course. But until the fever breaks and he starts eating again normally, he needs to be watched carefully.

It's no fun here in the hospital. FYI - getting admitted on the weekend is the worst time to be here. I can't begin to describe the number of things that have gone wrong. But hopefully now that the work week has commenced again, things will improve. We shall see.

Monkey has spent the majority of the time sleeping, that is, when he's not being poked by stethascopes, blood pressure monitors, or having his blood drawn. Unfortunately, these things happen around the clock, night and day, so he's also spent a lot of time crying. We had hoped to bring him home today, but his fever continues. We're hanging in there, and will update soon.
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