Thursday, June 15, 2006

Monkey #2 update

Since I have no recent ultrasound pics of the monkey-on-the-way, I thought I'd just post a random pic of something amusing that caught my eye. I'm not a cat person, but the above pic, courtesy of Cute Overload, one of my new favorite sites, cracked me up. If that one splayed-out cat had an enormous protuding bowling ball of a belly, you might get a sense of what I'm looking like these days. I wish I could sleep as comfortably as this one is.

So..monkey-on-the-way has now turned around in utero and is head down. At my check up this morning, she was pronounced in perfect position, with a good strong heartbeat, and "wild" kicking. (tell me something I don't know.) I get my laughs these days sitting down and watching the belly move side to side on its own as monkey tries to bust her way out of there, ala Alien. My belly was measured, from top to bottom, which is a very strange, slightly humiliating experience. Apparently, this gargantuan bump I am sporting is exactly where I should be size-wise at this point. Too bad absolutely nothing fits, and I am reduced to wearing Monkey, Sr.'s oversize Brooklyn Brewery T-shirts. Nothing says "glowing pregnant mom" like a t-shirt advertizing your friendly neighborhood brewery.

Unfortunately, this appointment involved bringing the little monkey along for a ride. There I was, in the waiting room with monkey in a stroller, and huge belly. Other patients waiting included several young mothers with their significant others in tow. Clearly these were novices. They had the fresh, earnest-faced looks of first time mommies-to-be. While they nervously chatted with their partners, I read aloud to the monkey from "Moo, Moo Brown Cow." Of course, adding all the appropriate sound effects he so loves. Ignoring the looks of surprise from the other women, I consoled myself with the smug assurance that it wouldn't be long till these same women would be making the same stupid farm animal noises to their babies when they needed to keep them quiet. Enjoy the calm now ladies, you won't be looking so perky in a few weeks.

The monkey handled the long appointment like a champ, and even got to listen to the baby's heart beat. Can't imagine what, if anything, he thought about that. The nurses found his antics highly amusing. He, in turn, put on a good show, even gracing them with one of his trademark super-cheese smiles. Nurse B, read to him from his dinosaur book while I snuck out to the bathroom. Monkey tore his shoes off about a dozen times and threw them around while the doctor came in.

"All done!" monkey announced, as we departed the office. Yes...all done, till next week, when we get to go through this all over again. I'm still in denial. I can't believe we've got another monkey coming in four weeks.
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