Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where's Jordan?

We've been remiss about posting. We meaning me, I guess.

As a token apology of sorts, we offer you the following: PUMAS!! Sneakers which have been in our collection, awaiting that special moment when little monkey feet finally fit into them. Today was that day, my friends.

And this is what they look like with a completed outfit. You'll note that the blue prepster belt appears overextended. The reason for this is that the monkey's freakishly small waist would permit me to wrap the baby belt around it twice, and still leave room for the belt to dangle. Despite our best efforts, the belt slips out of its loop.

And my latest favorite video of backyard monkey shenanigans.

Seemingly random pictures and vid - I know. We've been up to a lot of projects, I've had a lot on my mind, etc. Among the myriad of thoughts that have crossed my mind lately (I pause for a second to reflect on the use of the word myriad, and its cameo appearance in the movie Heathers.)

There's something incredibly endearing about the monkey at this age - his antics, his smile, the little things he does every day that completely crack me up and break my heart at the same time. All his raging cuteness and quirky little mannerisms, his ever increasing vocabulary and efforts at communicating ... all the pictures I try to take to remember this by ... it crushes me to think how fleeting this time is. Do other parents remember all the little things their kids did when they were this age? It makes me sad to think that a day may come when I won't remember the way monkey smiles gently and announces, "home!" when we pull into the driveway after an adventure.

There are so many seemingly trivial things monkey does that just make me want to grab him and hug him - after I've laughed my head off, of course. Being who he is though, the best I can do is give him a quick squeeze before he's off and running again. Those long, dreamy days of holding him in my arms and rocking him to lullaby tunes are over. It seems I was too sleep deprived at the time to fully appreciate them.

In no particular order, here's what Monkey's been doing to make me smile lately:

1. Always ready for a rousing game of "Where's Jordan?" the monkey will take advantage of you if you dare to sit down on the floor even momentarily. He'll run behind you, bracing himself against your back and "hide." He apparently thinks you won't hear his little giggles back there.

2. The way he pronounces the word "socks." Somehow, he's managed to add a few consonents in there, a baby lisp, and a monkey grimace-smile, all at the same time.

3. I know he's manipulating me, but it completely cracks me up to watch him smile cheesily and come running at me when I open up his soy ice cream container. He hears the freezer door open a mile away, and no matter what he's doing, he'll drop it in the name of "ka-ka!" For the uninitiated, this is monkey's abbreviated way of saying - "Yes, mummy, I would like some Tofutti Cutie ice cream."

4. I love that he snorts when he's laughing really hard. that's my epic post for today. This pregnancy is making me seriously hormonal.
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