Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Being cute is a full time job

First, proper attention must be paid to bathing and bath products. Always have your attending servants on hand with soothing balms and lotions. Delicate skin such as mine requires vigilant pampering. And the subject of hair is a whole other story. Mine in on the abundant but fine side right now. This hairstyle is in its transitional phase. When it comes in, it's gonna look great.

True beauty comes from within. After a long day, I like to lay on my fleecy blanket and meditate. Deep, cleansing breaths help revive my inner spirit. While I ponder the mysteries of life, my attendants scurry around like so many leaves in the breeze.

Eleven days into this gig, and I feel fairly confident that I've got the cute thing under control. I can't understand why my mom can't get it together though. She's been looking pretty raggedy lately. I've made it a point to remind her every two hours or so, of the need to nourish one's self. I like to tell her at night, around 4:00 am. It's quieter then.
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