Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bronx Zoo

While I rested a bit on Saturday, Monkey Sr. and son spent the day at the Bronx zoo visiting friends of the human and animal persuasion. Above, we have ... monkeys in repose!

Grace was nice enough to spend the day with us. Here, Grace demonstrates the "Hear no Evil" monkey pose while balancing a hat in one hand. Excellent coordination, Grace.

Little monkey really liked the goats. The goat really liked the floral patterned Hawaiian shirt.

Monkey scans the gate, channeling his inner animal-rights activist. Hmmm...there must be a way to let mr. goat out.

Monkey and Grace are returned to the safe confinement of their own portable captivity units. Grace enjoys some refreshment while Jordan wonders how his right hand blew up to gargantuan proportions in one afternoon.

ps, re: monkey-on-the way: I had yet another ob/gyn appointment last Friday. I am still pregnant over here, and apparently not looking to go anytime soon, based on the doctor's exam. My due date is still officially July 13th. Will try not to go into labor before next Saturday, as it would be nice to have Monkey, Sr. around for the actual driving me to the hospital bit. I think I may be the only pregnant woman I know who is trying to keep the baby inside her at this stage of the game.
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