Friday, July 21, 2006

Can you feel the love, People?

Not sure what the Mina Monkey is thinking here, but the battle for couch space has clearly begun. I distinctly recall territorial lines of division that my brothers and I created growing up. The car, in particular, was prime battleground, with all of us jockeying for the front seat. Can someone please tell me what was so enticing about sitting up in the front seat right next to your parent? And why would one of them so calmly forfeit the front seat to one of their tantrum prone children? I'm not giving up my front seat to any of my monkeys. Heck no. Sit in the back, with the toys and graham cracker crumbs.

We also had formal rules of protocol for all the television watching that went on in the house.

Foremost among them was the concept called "My choice." He who holds the remote control after arriving first into the tv room was deemed the Decider for all channels. Leaving the room meant sacrificing the "choice" to whomever next called it out. Unless of course someone was kind enough to "save" the choice for you.

"Will you save my choice till I get back? I'll bring you cookies too!"

"No way. I'll get my own cookies and eat them in front of you."

What usually happened next, was that the choice holder would call out to a parental unit to "save" the choice from afar. Only they were allowed this priviledge. Too busy to be bothered with our nonsense, one of them would agree without consideration for how their decision affected the delicate balance of sibling power struggles.

The only other rule we agreed on was that our youngest brother had no choice. He could be overruled at any time. Such is life at the top of the sibling food chain.

I see those genes have carried over. God help Jordan though if his sister is anything like I was.

Monkey Sr. shall be assigned the role of peace maker in our family.
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