Friday, July 21, 2006

It's Friday .. I'm in Love

(With apologies to the Cure.)

Miss Mina likes the nightlife. While other babies occupy their days doing constructive things like "tummy time" and drooling, the Mina monkey sleeps. She sleeps in our arms. She sleeps in our bed. She sleeps curled up next to me, latched on to my body like the proverbial little monkey. But, she does not sleep in her bassinette. Not for any appreciable length of time that is. And when night falls, the mina monkey awakens ... ready to be wined and dined and entertained. Notice how her eyes glow like little orbs of disco Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Sorry. Those hospital grade drugs were pretty potent.

Yesterday, Little monkey spent the afternoon with his buddy Grace at the pool. Grace's mom was kind enough to cross the river with food in tow, and visit the menagerie known as the Trimarchi family. Three monkeys in the house, three adults and a dim-witted, hyperactive Brussels Griffon all under one roof made for an interesting sight. Here, Grace samples a muffin while Jordan maintains strict dietary self-discipline as usual. It's a good thing one of us in this family has a trim waistline.

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