Friday, July 14, 2006

live from the hospital!

Internet access from the hospital, my own little room, and surrounded by the sounds of feels like I'm at a day spa! But in reality, I am currently blogging from the hospital where monkette and I are hooked up to a fetal hear rate monitor. After my weekly checkup this morning, the doctor decided to admit me and begin inducing this afternoon. No worries. Just a precautionary measure we're taking in light of some observations she made while I was in the office. Baby's heart rate looks good, her picture on the ultrasound looks normal, and they promised me I could have my epidural on demand. With that reassurance, I am just going to lay back in this hospital bed and wait for monkey #2 to make her arrival. I wasn't expecting this today ... but it's all good. I had to have this baby sometime.
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