Friday, July 28, 2006

The Natural

Yesterday, Jordan got to live out a childhood dream that he doesn't even know he has yet - to be a major league baseball player. Ok, well that might not be his dream. And that might not even be my dream for him. But you gotta admit that a 20-year gig with big money and little chance of a career ending injury is pretty sweet...

Anyway, yesterday was Shea Day! Each year my firm hosts a family event at Shea Stadium where you get to run around on the actual field where the Mets play and sit in their dugout, eat hot dogs, etc. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

So we packed up the entire family and headed out to Shea. As you can see from this picture, Jordan looks right at home and ready for any ball that comes his way.

A versatile player in the mold of Babe Ruth, Jordan can also throw some heat by the best of the power hitters. Here he is warming up for his Shea pitching debut...

But the highlight for Jordan appeared to be the big guy with a ball for a head (a.k.a. Mr. Met). "Ball" being his first and favorite word, Jordan reacted like this guy was the Easter Bunny.

And here's the entire clan posing for a photo op on the Mets infield.

It felt truly special to be there with them. The Mets do hold a place in my heart since I was raised to be a fan by my grandmother. I remember going to her house after school some days and finding her in the kitchen watching a Mets afternoon game. She would explain the rules to me and even the strategy of play. I'm sure she would have gotten a kick out of seeing me standing on the field at Shea with my beautiful family. Part of me likes to think she did.


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