Monday, July 31, 2006

"Oh no! the sky is falling!" Chicken Little said.

Sometimes I wonder whether we are the luckiest people in the world, or the unluckiest. After our ordeal Friday night, I'm still not sure. I lay on the couch sleeping, Jeff was beside me watching tv, and the Mina monkey was in her swing. Suddenly, I awoke to the sound of what I thought was either a loud thunder crack, or a tree crashing through the roof of our house. Jeff and I both leaped up and ran up the stairs to our bedroom to see what had caused such a sound. Was it the roof? Was it Jordan falling out of his crib?

There, we saw the following scene:

And here is our bedroom in all its glory, following the collapse of the ceiling. The debris you see scattered everywhere is concrete-reinforced sheetrock. That's right, CONCRETE. Additionally, bits of wood, nails, rusted screws, and insulation of indeterminable origin, saturated with water, also rained down upon the scene.

This is what concrete-reinforced sheetrock looks like up close. We have been blissfully sleeping beneath this sword of Damocles for over a year now. The scary thing about this whole incident, apart from the fact that it occurred at all with no warning whatsoever, is that the chunks of concrete and ceiling fell directly onto our bed, and also Mina's bassinette. The concrete chunks crushed the roof of the bassinette completely. Given the weight of each piece, had Mina been sleeping in the bassinette, her head would have been crushed as well. I don't quite know why the ceiling was insulated with cement. It's true, they "just don't make them like they used to anymore." Thank God.

I'm trying to keep things light here, but part of me does find it odd that now, both our kids have had their own brushes with death. While Jordan's was certainly more dramatic, Mina's was just as random and freakish. Which leads me back to my orginal query. Are we the unluckiest or luckiest parents in the world?

I think I know the answer to that.
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