Monday, August 14, 2006

Cram in all the fun you can before Monday ..

This was the last weekend before Monkey Sr.'s return to work. In between my list-of-things-for Jeff-to-do, we got in as much fun time as possible. This included the following:

Trips to Liberty State Park for some zero-gravity moments. Ground control to Major Tom?

Dining al fresco and au naturale, in the shade. (I flashed my girls for the entire Manhattan skyline! Top that, Girls gone wild!!)

We also hit an old-school Brooklyn Block party. Block parties are a great opportunity to connect with friends and neighbors. Here Oscar demonstrates by cozying up to his buddy, Cookie - an around-the-way girl, from back in the day.

And Jordan and Charlotte learned that, in fact, a (tomato) tree does grow in Brooklyn. A big thanks to Michael and the folks on Gotham Ave. for making us so welcome. We had a blast.

Lest you think the weekend was all fun and games, we also had some educational instruction thrown into the mix. Learning can be fun, people! Especially when you have blocks.

So, anyway, it's back to the grind for Monkey, Sr. In the interim, Monkey Sr.'s mom. aka, Grandma H. shall be visiting for a few weeks to lend a hand. How shall she fare amidst the chaos and reconstruction?

Stay tuned.
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