Friday, September 01, 2006

Want to make your kid cry?

Bring him to Leggo Land in Paramus Park to find out that...

Oops ... It's closed!

We are not amused.

We soldiered on through the mall impervious to the sounds of other toddlers crying in disappointment.

I know it's not funny to laugh at a crying child. But I did. At least, I was laughing at the ones that weren't mine. If it makes you feel less outraged, I was laughing on the inside. How could you not laugh? All of us suburban mommies had the same idea. Rainy day - bring the kid to the Leggo Land at the mall, let him/her run around in the enclosed area, maybe kill a few hours before lunch. Maybe it's not the most educational or intellectually stimulating thing I could be doing with my kid. But sometimes, getting him out of the house trumps cerebral development- especially on a day like this, when there is no end in sight to the rain. I promise tomorrow we will resume his Latin and elocution lessons.

As we walked the corridors of commerce, I watched them. One by one ..sometimes two by two - depending on the level of fertility involved, the kids pulled up to the Leggo staging grounds. Single strollers, doubles, strollers with kids in them, strollers with one child in, and one running up ahead in joyful anticipation. The kids kept coming, little, sticky-faced lemmings following the crowd. I could see their happy mugs light up at the sight of the intoxicating primary colors. RED! BLUE! YELLOW!

And each of them met with the same shocking realization that we did. Friggin' Leggo Land was CLOSED!!




At least, that's what the not-so-enthusiastic sales clerk at the Leggo store said. Although the Leggo playground was closed, the companion Leggo store was conveniently open to take our money. The clerk didn't look too upset about the playground's demise. What he did look upset about, was the fact that we all descended upon the store en masse to demand answers. And when none were forthcoming, we unleashed the toddlers upon the in-store merchandise to pillage to their hearts content. The store became the playground, the battlefield, including all the choke-inducing miniscule leggo pieces scattered about in display bins. Leggo peices on the store floor, are apparently not subject to the rules of "clean up time."

Close Leggo Land without advance notice? Take that Mr. "It's not going to open again." You heartless tyrant.

Naturally though, Little Monkey had no interest in the Leggo peices that were available to play with on the cute Leggo sit down tables. He wanted to play with the balls. Of course. Balls. What balls, you ask? He wanted the huge display bin of lime and emerald green balls that took up the entire front window case. Right at his eye level, they proved to be remarkably mesmerizing. They called out to him.

But, as I found out. They were not for sale. They were not to be played with either.

Howling ensued, as we quickly departed the Leggo land store.

Did we go on safari? (And 50% off sale!!!)

No, we hit the mall carousel.


Fun is what you make of it.

PS- This lengthy delay in posts and pics, brought to your courtesy of Blogger. You get what you pay for, people.
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