Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

The monkey enjoys another round of treats and dressing up - this time for toddler gym class on Monday. In addition to his "Greaser" leather jacket and aerodynamic hair, the monkey was proud to wear his "Who YOU callin' Macaca" t-shirt, designed by his own Uncle O.
For those of you non-political types wanting the back story on this, see here.

Although the monkey won't likely be trick or treating tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing what passes for costume creativity this year in my 'hood. I'm also looking forward to getting rid of all this Halloween candy that has been crying out to me from the kitchen cabinet. Monkey has been helping me eat it. The kid can go for days without nourishment, but say the word "chocolate" anywhere in the house and he will come running.

He is my child, after all.
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