Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mothers and Daughters.

Maybe I'm just feeling warm and fuzzy in the wake of the new season of Gilmore Girls (finally) starting. I don't know. But this picture of Kristen and Grace just makes me want to cry. Whether it's the Mona Lisa smile Kristen is wearing, or the solemn look of trust in Grace's hug- this was one of my favorite shots of the trip. Grace looks so content and so wistful at the same time. It's as though she's dreaming big dreams from the safety of her mother's arms.

My monkey, on the other hand, is clearly dying for her first big adventure solo. She's practically jumping out of my arms in her quest to observe as much as possible from her limited position. Will she grow to trust me? Will her grand adventures leave her time to run back into her mother's arms for a quick hug?

We shall see.
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