Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Mina

She's holding her head up now, at three months. She goes to bed by 6:30, and doesn't make a fuss for at least seven hours. She rarely cries, and likes to smile. She has chunky little thighs that jiggle when I dress her. Her hand-me-down mobile (she'll be the third baby now who's gotten use of this thing!) fascinates her. There is one particular pair of pajamas she must hate because she's crapped it three times now - while her other outfits are rarely so soiled. Although she fights her swaddle, once secured, she quickly falls asleep. If you hold her just right, she'll love you unconditionally. She is so soft, with big dark blue eyes that look as celestial as the day she was born.

And she laughs - a little gurgling laugh that makes me look twice to make sure it really just happened.

I love my little girl.
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