Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rainy Day Activities

A little rain must fall on every parade, I guess. We were not immune from bad weather down South either. There was one overcast day, some drizzle, some grey skies.

However, we lucked out. We had Kristen - the diva of creativity and culinary skill. Her solution to rainy day blues? Bake cupcakes, of course!

Chef Kristen puts us to work right away. Here, we experiment with colors for frosting. That furry mound on the floor there is Oscar. As always, he will never be far when there's food to be had.

The monkeys confer. Beach day? Are those storm clouds on the horizon? Shall we make a break for it, or stay inside and eat cupcakes?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. If only all decisions were as easy. Here, Jordan models the results of mommy's frosting efforts. The sartorialists among you will note the varying shades of green - the green on the face is slightly more of a sage/ sea foam color. While the stripes in the polo shirt are clearly a Kelly green. My attempt to match the frosting to the stripes was not the success I had hoped.

Brandon samples the cupcakes with traditional chocolate frosting.

Grace's very pretty pink cupcake with purple glitter sprinkles, which, by the way, coordinated perfectly with Grace's pink top. See above.

Miss Mina eyes the cupcakes from afar, longing for the day when she, too, can indulge in solid foods.
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