Sunday, November 05, 2006

Deep in thought..

Today is Sunday - a beautiful fall day. The leaves on the tree outside our window are a warm red. Many still cling to the branches; others amass in random patterns on the grass below. The squirrels are running around constantly, much to the chagrin of Oscar, our fearless hunting Brussels Griffon. He has made it his mission to chase them down from whence they came. It's been months since he assigned himself this task. He has yet to actually catch one - or even scare them for that matter.

Lots of people are doing lots of important things today. Others are probably doing not much of anything. As for me, I'm running around after my two monkeys. When one naps, the other is inevitably awake and needing something - food, a diaper change, some entertainment, or just a cuddle. In between that, I'm also deep in thought, thinking about today. Today is a special day for another reason. Today was the day a little girl was born. Her name was Breanna, and she wound up saving my son's life. She would have been two years old today.

Remembering her on her birthday is simple. But I also remember her on other days, at other times, in seemingly random ways. Like when I hold Jordan close to me, in those rare moments when he isn't running in the opposite direction. When I hold him tight, with my arms wrapped securely around him and his chest pressed to mine - I can feel his heart beat. And then I remember Breanna because I know that it is her heart that keeps Jordan alive.

Sometimes, I see Jordan staring into the distance, and I wonder what he's thinking. I wonder what goes on his mind. I wonder too, sometimes how I will ever explain to him everything he has been through. Will he ever understand the enormity of it all? Will he appreciate the second chance he was given by a special little girl?

Happy Birthday Breanna. Rest in peace little one. I remember you always.

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