Monday, November 20, 2006

The not-so-hungry little monkey

Little monkey #1 is sick again, with some sort of virus that has rendered him irritable and tired. It started with a fever, which comes and goes. He's drinking plenty of milk, but not eating so much. And he's napping a lot, when he's not wandering around the house aimlessly, looking for some comfort and diversion. We've been reading a lot of books - the Very Hungry Caterpillar is a favorite. He likes to recite the list of the Caterpillar's indulgences on Saturday ("he ate through one peice of chocolate cake, one peice of swiss cheese, one lollipop, etc.")

I wholeheartedly applaud mr. Caterpillar's approach - consume the most calories possible on the weekend, and resume dieting come Monday.

Monkey, on the other hand, is eating very little. Even less than he normally does. Some cereal here, a bite or two of pancake there, some muffin, some banana. Although he keeps shouting, "cookie," when offered one, he will only take a nibble, then put it aside with a soft, "thank you." Oy, that gets me every time.

I hope he gets better soon. It's never any fun when he's sick. On the plus side, he's letting me hold him in my lap, while we lounge on the couch and watch Noggin. He rarely permits this, as he would prefer to do his television viewing while on the go. So, there we sit, monkey in my arms, sippy cup in his, Dora on the tube. If he wasn't so listless, I'd be content with how wonderful it felt to hold him like a little baby again. As it is, I'd rather see him running around like his old, toddler-in-action self.
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