Friday, November 17, 2006

On my mind, Friday edition

stream of thought writing up ahead.

A collection of thoughts that have been on my mind:

Why does J seem so quiet sometimes, with such a faraway look? We get to gym class, we walk in holding hands, and it takes him several minutes to warm up to the place. He ran off today, to go play with something - which was a good sign. Sometimes, he will just stand there staring until I direct him towards a toy or game. Today, he seemed content to run around and amuse himself. That was unusual.

Why do the squirrels keep coming back to bury nuts in my backyard, even though Oscar runs out there every time to chase them away?

I'm glad Pakistan is finally revising the Hudood ordinances and prosecuting rape under the penal law as opposed to Sharia "courts." Even with the capitulation on some sections to the mullah elements of the Legislature, the bill is a step in the right direction. When will this country join the 21st century already?

Why does it seem like I am always at the grocery store? I never know what to make for dinner, I always have to make lists, I always have to create meal plans for the week or I go nuts. I wish I had my own chef.

I can't believe J will be two years old in two months. Wow.

I can't believe M is still not sleeping through the night. She's killing me over here. I can't believe how tired I am when I "wake up" in the morning. I can't envision keeping this up much longer. She has such nice long stretches sometimes. And for awhile she was doing so good. What happened?

Thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. I'm glad I'm not cooking.

That cupcake last night was really good. Watching the Office, while eating a cupcake was pretty good. Liked the Office. Jim is cute. Loved the scene with Stanley and the one of the new Stamford workers who tried to give him the "what up?" nod. I love Steve Carell. I don't know how to spell his name though. I'd like to see a comedy laugh off between Steve Carell and John Stuart.

I can't decide how I feel about the new writing on the Gilmore Girls. The Times did a story on it recently that suggested it was too warm and fuzzy and sell out, since the departure of the original writers - Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband. I dunno. I like that Lorelai and Christopher are back together. But as much of a romantic as I am, even I had a hard time buying that whole romp-in-Paris thing this week. That was a little too Care Bear, even for me.

Looking forward to my first Miami Hurricanes game this weekend over at Casa Perkins. Go Canes!
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