Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Three Beautiful things

Blogger annoys me to no end, but every so often I get a kick out of a randomly featured site they highlight. Recently, I found one called Three Beautiful Things. As the name suggests, the blog is a daily chronicle of three random things the author found inspiring. Unlike much of the whining and narcissistic writing out there - mine included, this blog seems designed to just share a little bit of happiness with the world.

I like that.

Keeping with the spirit of that, here's my random contribution:

1. Miss Mina's pink courdroy pants with faux-fur trimmed hoodie vest.

2. That my not-quite 2 year-old son has recently learned to say the word, "please." The fact that he is using it to manipulate us shamelessly is another story.

3. My friend Jennifer's completion of the NYC Marathon. Reading about her journey made me want to cheer.

It's not terribly profound, but something about the concept appeals to me. I guess I like the way she stops long enough to notice the little details that add beauty to our lives.

ps - congrats to the old monkey for finally jumping into the blogging world, with his own contribution.
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