Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday celebrating

This weekend involved lots of celebrating for us, with many of our favorite people. There were sleep-overs to be had, meals to be eaten (or not), presents to open, and parties to attend. But first, we had to decide what to wear.

Not content with the usual Santa hat, the Monkey decided to take it up a notch. In anticipation of the holiday weekend, he dons his mini sombrero and does his best rendition of a Mexican Hat Dance. The right hat makes all the difference, ya know.

Not to be outdone, Grace showed us how to properly model a batting helmet. The astute observer will note that her cuddley, the pink monkey on the left, coordinates perfectly with her pajamas, while her Mets hat picks up the pale blue fuzziness of the background Big Bear. Way to find the perfect background Grace!

No holiday weekend is complete without food. Many of my posts have been wasted on the topic of Monkey's food issues. Interestingly enough, this child has no trouble when it comes to chocolate. In particular, uttering the phrase "chocolate cake" is a sure guarantee of seeing him come barrelling into the kitchen to investigate. I'm currently in the process of using the methods recommended by Ellyn Satter, to confront Monkey's meal nonsense head on. I love how this woman is able to generate a career from this stuff. To summarize, her philosophy can be condensed as follows:

"If he doesn't like it, tough luck. He'll eat when he's hungry".

Look out Monkey, there's a new sheriff in town. More on this to follow.

We were also lucky enough to be invited to D&M's annual Christmas Eve dinner. Miss Mina dressed for the occasion. She did have matching red shoes, but she kicked those off with every ounce of strength in her body. Repeatedly. Eventually, I just gave up. This appears to be a re-occuring theme in my saga of parenthood.

Monkey poses by their stunning Christmas tree, dressed in toddler Calvin Klein. Chocolate brown and baby blue argyle sweater, dark blue khakis, shaggy hair, and lots of attitude.

Oh..and more chocolate was consumed. This produced the burst of energy that we attempted to capture here.

While Monkey danced the night away, Charlotte climbed into my lap for a good old reading session. Miss Mina looks on. Or she could be giving me the finger, I can't tell.

But all good parties must come to an end. Dressed in her pajamas, Miss Mina departs. Monkey Sr., carries the Binky for safe keeping.
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